He is seriously interested in electric guitars

Posted March 24th, 2016 by admin

When you got as many kids as I do, you will find out that they all have different taste in music as well as wanting to play or learn to play different musical instruments. My oldest son is currently infatuated with learning how to play an electric guitar. I have heard him talking about different electric guitars such as the silvertone electric guitar and some other ones that I can’t remember the name of.

All I know is he is constantly telling his dad about them and seeing if he can somehow get one for Christmas or his birthday. He has been so dedicated to learning to play the flute that his dad is seriously considering getting him one. I thought he would get bored and forget all about practicing and learning how to play the flute and he kept up with it. He now wants to move to a guitar and I seriously think he will be dedicated to it too. We will see if his dad ends up buying him one.

I just love the look of the masonic rings

Posted February 11th, 2016 by admin

I have always admired masonic rings. My uncle owns one and he wears his proudly. Although I wish I knew more about the Mason’s he really doesn’t speak much on it. I do see him attend meetings and go and do some kind od social work but other than that I don’t know much.

I am guilty of telling my husband why couldn’t he join the masons and order one of joyjewelers.com masonic rings and then let me know what it is all about. I know that is just wrong but I truly think their rings are beautiful. Plus the Mason’s have been around for many years so it must be a great club to be in don’t you think ? Do you know anyone who is part of the Free Masons ? Have you been able to find out more information than I have ?

Please let me know if you know anything and let me know if they also own a masonic ring too.

Crappiness all around

Posted February 10th, 2016 by admin

Yet again one of the twins is sick. I don’t know what else I can do to stop these kids from getting sick. My son told me why cant I go to school one of the girls in my class has a cough and runny nose and she still went to school. I am sorry but I believe that is why my kids keep getting sick. If your child is sick , I think you should keep them home like I do when my kids are sick.

I hope he gets better soon. My oldest seems to have caught his cold and is a miserable little thing right now. I just hope I don’t get sick too. I have had enough sickness for the year I hope. These migraines on the other hand don’t seem to go away.

Whichever you decide is good for me

Posted February 2nd, 2016 by admin

I had been down and out not feeling to good. I have gone to the doctors and they have upped my meds so hopefully that takes care of my health. As soon as I started feeling better my son comes and tells me that he wants me to take a look at some musical instruments. Like I have mentioned before he is in band and has taken a major liking to learning how to play musical instruments. Whether its looking at guitar center ukulele or taking a look at guitar center guitar or keyboard he spends most of his time either practicing or looking up at what instruments he would like to try out next.

I would hate to crush his hopes and dreams so of course I will be as supportive as I can and let him try out different instruments until he finds the one that will be perfect for him. As a parent would you do the same thing? I know it takes me a while to try out different things before I make my choice so why would it be any different with him.

…… not up to it …..

Posted January 22nd, 2016 by admin

Sorry I have not blogged much. This high blood pressure and migraines have been kicking my butt. I can barely stand any light much less the computer screen. As soon as I feel better I will back to my usual blogging self….

Do you repair your drawers ?

Posted January 11th, 2016 by admin

There is nothing worse for me than to have to deal with broken furniture. I am so sick and tired of my cabinets and drawers not working like the should. I could always look into 60″ drawer slides and see if I can repair it myself or I can just say forget this and get new furniture.

I need new furniture!! I am just beyond tired of having to keep trying to repair the stuff we have in this house. How often do you replace your furniture? I think 13 years with the same furniture is more than enough. I really want to know what others think though. I think everyone should change furniture at least every 5 years. I completely understand that some people can’t do that and they end up repairing stuff around the house instead of buying new ones. I really hope this is the last time I need to repair stuff though.

What would you do ?

Posted January 9th, 2016 by admin

What would you do if your spouse family has drama and they are trying to bring it to your house. Should your in-laws personal business have anything to do with your household? I believe that if it doesn’t involve us, we should stay out. Am I being too harsh and not understanding why my spouse wants to get involved in issues that really have nothing to do with him ?

I personally think that we should worry about our own household before we worry about what is going on in other people’s house. I just do not get it. I would never bring drama to others and why in the heck they would want to disturb our peacefulness is beyond me.

Whether its beginner trumpet or playing the flute …

Posted December 26th, 2015 by admin

I think enriching a child’s mind and teaching them to play an instrument is something good to do. I know that playing an instrument helped me when I was little to concentrate on notes and want to practice to get better. Whether it is beginner trumpet or beginner flute any instrument is a good stepping stone.

My child is currently learning how to play the flute and he absolutely loves it. My other son has shown interest in learning how to play the saxophone or the trumpet. I have an older child who is in choir and she loves singing. I am just happy that I have such musically talented and enthusiastic about music children. Maybe one day they will end up playing for everyone. Who knows where this talent can lead. I have always taught my kids to reach for the stars and never give up hope of their dreams whether it be playing instruments or anything else they might want to do.

What are you doing? Are you a procrastinator too ?

Posted December 23rd, 2015 by admin

Am I the only one scrambling around for last minute Christmas presents?This year has just been too many ups and downs and the house needing so many repairs that it has been hard for us to get back on our feet. Today I have been waiting for the plumber to show up to fix our toilets. The water heater guy left already after having to adjust the temp and water pressure. I just don’t want to be adulating right now.

The weather constant change is making my pain worse and to top it off I have gained so much weight, that it makes my pain worse. I really need to start a lifestyle change and quick. I cannot go on like this. I cannot stand the pain and I really need to stick with a plan. I cannot just say I am going to do it and not do it. I have to get my butt in gear and actually follow through with it.

Right now I have to keep on waiting for the plumber and right after I will have to go and get last minutes presents for the rest of the family.

The older they get the harder it gets

Posted December 7th, 2015 by admin

Its hard picking the right gifts for the kids now that they are getting older. I love when my kids give me a list of items them would like to receive such as a white guitar case or a new keyboard. I don’t have a problem shopping for the littles as they are easy to shop for. All I have to do is buy some paw patrols, some remote control helicopters or planes and I am good to go with them. The older kids are more complicated so I have to ask them for their lists and hope I get it right when I order the items they want.

I am still wondering what I am going to get the adults. They can be picky too. Is it ghetto to just get them a gift card and call it a day lol? I am going to go and keep looking online and see what else I need to get so I can have it delivered before Christmas.